Create Your Home Wish List

When you’re ready to design your new dream home the best way to save time is to know as much as possible about what you want before the actual drawings begin. Most people generally know what style of home they want, the rough square footage, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the number of garage stalls. But there’s much more to consider.

What shape (L-shaped, U-shaped, box or rectangle) home do you want? One story or two and where will the bedrooms be located, upstairs or down? What about the kitchen layout? Do you want an island, a breakfast bar, a desk area, or a walk-in pantry? Are you the kind of family who would truly utilize a formal dining or living room or is this extra space better utilized elsewhere? The same is true for a media room. Is the space dedicated to a one purpose room a wise investment or can the media room be used for other purposes as well? How many main areas do you need (great room, den, game room, bonus room, etc.)? Is a study or home office a necessity?

If you have lots of company that stays with you on a regular basis you will want to consider how large a space they will need to be comfortable. If in the future an elderly relative needs to come live with you where would they stay?

Tubs versus showers is always a question and if it is a tub is it a whirlpool tub? The location of the utility or laundry room is also something to think about. Do you want it near your bedroom to make it convenient for you or close to children’s bedrooms to make it easier to get their laundry to and from their closets?

Outdoor living is very popular today so what size of a back patio do you need and will this area include an outdoor kitchen? How will you access this area from the house so that it is convenient for entertaining and cooking?

If you do a lot of entertaining then you may want to consider a wet bar near the area of the home where most of your entertaining will occur (the game room, media room, family room, etc.). Do you want a fireplace in any of your main or entertaining areas?

One of the best ways to begin your wish list is to write down the things you love about your current home as well as the things you would change or add to it if you could. Look through magazines and jot down ideas you see that you like or clip a picture and keep it for later reference when you meet with your builder and home designer. Remember, the more information you bring to these meetings the easier it will be for your team to know what you are looking for and what you expect.

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