Interior Designers

Once you’ve selected your builder, purchased your lot, secured your financing, and drawn your plans, it’s time to start working on all the little finishing touches that will make your house exactly what you intended when you started this process.

All these final touches, the little parts that make a house a home, have to be figured out. This is where an interior designer can assist you. They can help you with space planning, lighting design, color coordination and the selection of materials, furnishings, fixtures and finishes.

Just like when you selected your builder you need to find an interior designer with whom you feel comfortable. You want someone who is going to take your ideas and bring them all together into a cohesive plan. You don’t need someone who tries to force their personal preferences on you however. A good designer realizes that everyone’s tastes are a little different and they should work to provide options for their clients so that they can make comfortable decisions and still have a beautiful end product. At the end of the day the client is the boss but it’s the designer’s job to show them the advantages and disadvantages of certain decisions.

Good planning ahead of time (just like when you are designing your plans) and a good idea of what you want to accomplish will help your interior design project tremendously. You'll first want to identify your tastes, preferences, likes and dislikes. Look at your current home and make a note of the things that do and don't work for you. Identify paint colors, flooring choices, lighting and plumbing fixtures, pieces of furniture, special objects and anything you want to use again in your new home, so you and your interior designer can incorporate these objects into it.

Using pictures from magazines or the internet can be helpful when trying to explain to your interior designer the style you are pursuing. The more you give them to work with the easier it will be for them to narrow in on the look you have in mind. Think about the mood you want to create while meeting your functional needs.

If you find a central focal point of the house this will provide you with a cornerstone upon which to create the look of the other rooms. Most interior designers will start with a main decorating element (like the most prevalent floor tile of the home) and then proceed with the other elements that coordinate with it. Everything will continue to build until before you know it you will have created your dream home. It really is a simple process when you have the right individual helping you along the way.

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